BWRT Level 1

BWRT Level 1

BWRT has three different practitioner levels. Each BWRT level has specific protocols for different types of life problems. BWRT Level 1 will be described here and also the types of problems it has helped with.


Applications for BWRT Level 1

As has been described before BWRT level 1 utilises the rapidity of the Brain’s processing and in doing so seems to bring about changes to habits, behaviours and unwanted urges. Whilst BWRT is still in its infancy compared to other psychological forms of therapy, it is amazing to see its progress towards acceptance from major psychological organisations. For example in 2015 the BPS (British Psycholocial Society) started to accept BWRT training for its therapist’s CPD (Continued Professionl Development) hours. NHS psychologists have also been intrigued enough to attend BWRT trainings.

BWRT level 1 is specifically aimed at these conditions :-

BWRT Level 1Phobias – an panic or anxiety response to a certain environments (eg. open spaces, enclosed spaces such as lifts, tube travel, airplanes etc). Also to certain situations (eg. driving on motorways, public speaking, etc) and to animals, insects or birds (eg, spiders, rats, cats, dogs etc), also medical treatments such as needle, phobia, white coat syndrome.

Unwanted Responses – blushing, anger, frustration, anxiety, panic attacks, fight or flight, stress, worry, rumination, guilt, PTSD, GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder), prolonged grief,

 Trauma – car accidents, PTSD, childhood experiences,


In fact BWRT is so new that we are still discovering the conditions and problems it could make a difference to.

Some BWRT Testimonials

I visited Karen for my facial blushing anxiety – I have suffered from facial blushing for around 8 years and even tho this has improved throughout the years I still suffer from anxiety in situations where I would usually blush. Karen was so friendly and such a lovely lady but was also very professional and made me feel so at ease. We did the BWRT method and for me it worked wonders – I visited Karen twice altogether and can honestly say my anxiety has improved unbelievably. I cannot thank Karen enough – she’s such a lovely lady who is amazing at her profession

– Katie M

Went to see Karen to help me with my anxiety around my relationship and an upcoming interview. I was very sceptical at first as I had been dealing with my problems for the past 10 years. All I can say is WOW! Amazing therapy! Karen used BWRT with me on two occasions and I can honestly say it has worked and helped me so much. If you are having issues around anxiety I can highly recommend seeing Karen to help you with your issues, Karen a lovely lady and very easy to talk to. She has truly helped me out and it’s changed my life. Well worth the money! Thanks again Karen!

– Rachel M

I was hoping that BWRT would be of some help with my anxiety levels but could not have imagined just how effective it would be, nor how quickly it would have an effect. I can honestly say that it feels as though a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Not only that, with the self-help strategies I now know, I am much better equipped to deal with difficult situations which will no doubt present themselves in the future.

The fact that the therapy is science-based was very appealing, as was the fact that you don’t have to discuss difficult memories unless, or until, you wish to. I would have no hesitation in undergoing the therapy again in the future if I needed to.

I can’t thank you enough, Steve Parker, for helping me to overcome what seemed to be a completely insurmountable problem.

– KP, Lincolnshire>

‘I have always appeared to my friends, family and colleagues as outgoing and confident. Well it appears not this is not always the case. I was recently appointed as Chairperson for a committee. I was used to speaking at meetings as a member, but all of a sudden this was something different! I had to speak to everybody with some authority.

So, I had Focussed session with Jo Cook. Not for hypnotherapy as I have done before, she explained how BWRT® worked and worked on my confidence problem. She managed to get deep into my mind and clear out somethings that had always been bothering me. Result! The meeting was a resounding success and I was praised by all for my preparation and control of the meeting.’ Thanks Jo!

– Paula

A huge thank you Jane Williams for helping with my fear of flying I cannot thank you enough for opening up so many new adventures in my future! You are a star who I will recommend without a doubt!

– C. Lowery, Essex

Our 11 year old daughter suffered an embarrassing incident whilst in assembly at school. She went from being a very outgoing and happy girl to scared and anxious.

We had a hard time getting her into school most days. We booked her in to see Keith, who was fantastic with her, made her feel comfortable and at ease. After one session of BWRT® and a few days back at school everything was better and we had our outgoing, happy daughter back.

We really couldn’t recommend Keith highly enough. Thank you so much.

– LR, Beds

I was in a bad way having severe stress with a work related issues. I was in tears most days, not sleeping at night n finding it hard to go into work. I went to see Keith, who with his calming manner helped me to deal with this stress using BWRT®. I found Keith to be very easy to talk to. I didn’t feel anxious going to see him.

He talked me through each stage calmly and clearly. Since my session I no longer have the anxiety I felt and can now deal with work with a clearer mind set, without getting upset. I can highly recommend this type of therapy. No hypnosis is involved and it’s incredible what a difference it has made to my life.

– ST, Beds


Hi Alan, Just a quick email to thank you for your help. A few months ago I was really struggling with generalised anxiety; both my work and social life was suffering.

I struggled in meetings and had no confidence in my performance and as a result my performance really suffered. I had a telephone consultation with you, having tried alternative therapies and you suggested BWRT. I had four sessions with you and what can I say.

Right from the first session I noticed significant changes. I have recently changed jobs and am performing well, and am even looking at promotion already.

My personal relationships have also improved. The therapy has literally changed my life for the better and the speed of these changes has been incredible, the changes were virtually instant. I wanted to make contact with you to thank you for your efforts, I feel I have my life back and I can now reach my true potential. Thank you.

– David, Wiltshire



I’d mentioned to Bob Bees about my lifelong fear of spiders, and that it was something I wanted to conquer. We had spoken about hypnotherapy, though I was rather intrigued by what Bob had told me of the relatively new therapy called Brainworking. So I decided to give it a try.

I was somewhat familiar with the knowledge that our brains have a ‘plasticity’ and can be ‘rewired’, and therefore keen to listen and learn when Bob explained Brainworking in more depth at the beginning of my appointment, after which he told me of what to expect in the actual ‘session’.

What I liked about the session was the seeming simplicity of it all – I liked learning about the science underpinning Brainworking; it made sense, and seemed incredible at the same time. And what I loved about it was the speed of the new rewired response I had to my previous fear (which was no longer) – it was difficult to even imagine the fear that I had held onto for so manyyears! It really seemed a gentle, yet effective way to get to the ‘centre’ of the matter and change it as quickly as flicking a switch.

I left the session on a high, and I felt as though I was looking forward to having my first meeting with a spider (which seemed a bit of a weird thought, as I never would have wished for this before my session – quite the opposite)!

The Universe works in mysterious ways, it sure does. The very next morning after getting up, I put my dressing gown on ready to go downstairs. As I was walking along the landing, I put my hands in my pockets and felt something in the right hand one. It seemed as though I had two lines of thought simultaneously; one, wondering what was in my pocket and, two, thinking to myself that there was a spider in there. Previously I would have flung the dressing gown off and scarpered quickly, and got my partner to investigate. However on this occasion I actually put my hands back into my pockets and gently pulled out the mysterious object which, as it happens, did turn out to be a black spider – alive and well! She (I decided) plopped to the floor and started walking along the landing. Again, previously, I would have freaked. However I calmly watched as she walked along. I went downstairs to fetch a glass and piece of paper so I could put her outside, though when I got downstairs I was so excited that I told my partner of what I’d just experienced, and just had to send an email to Bob too. Then I sat with a cup of tea, calmly thinking that I’d leave the spider to her own devices (something I wouldn’t have dreamed of pre Brainworking).

A few other things became notable; I didn’t even like seeing the word ‘spider’ written – it gave me the creeps, whereas now it just seems a friendly word. Also when I’d decided that this spider was a ‘she’ it came about because I thought she was pretty – and never would I have put ‘pretty’ and ‘spider’ in the same sentence before! And thirdly, when I’d described the experience to my partner, I’d said that she was a medium sized black spider, whereas when I found her again and she was put outside in a glass, I looked at her closely and she was actually quite large.

Over the many years of having a spider phobia I’d often thought about going for some sort of therapy to help me get over it, though then used to imagine that I’d have to experience some sort of therapy involving having to see, touch, and hold, and the thought of that put me right off so I never got any further. I’m so pleased therefore, Bob, that you introduced me to Brainworking. I thoroughly recommend it. What a fabulous way to help someone move on – quickly, efficiently, painlessly, effectively, naturally!”

– Lesley Hallows, Sussex – publisher, Wellbeing Magazine.


“Hi Laura, since seeing you for BWRT I notice a huge improvement with heights. On balconies, ladders, standing on a stool to change a light, going to the attic, are all now no bother. Some of these would have caused me serious stress & even would have balked at them in the past. The positive thought is now in the front of my mind…”

– Sheila, Co. Mayo

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