Brain Working Recursive Therapy


How the Brain Works

bwrtThe brain is bombarded with information all the time. There is so much information that is stimulating the brain that we couldn’t possibly keep up with it consciously. Therefore much of the processing happens in the background. It’s similar to the use of a computer, laptop or tablet. We use the keypad and observe the screen but don’t get involved with how the information from the screen or our typing is being processed. We just accept that it is being managed. The brain is so good at processing loads of information, that it would take an amazing computer, which has not been invented yet, to come anywhere near to matching what the brain does.


Logic Doesn’t Come Into It

Although it might seem like the brain is making judgements about how to be and react to situations, it does in fact  employ little or no logic. For example someone who has a fear when the travel on any underground trains knows that they are safe forms of transport but the brain doesn’t accept this logic. It just makes the person with the phobia anxious, increases their heart beat and sends adrenaline round their body.

The brain and neural pathways processing millions of bits of data

The brain is incredibly fast at processing outside stimuli and so the person with any phobia is into a full-blown panic attack before they get a chance to consciously intervene.


 Associations and Neural Pathways that Become Motorways

The brain looks for common features to any stimulus. It does this so it know how it should get the person to react. If it finds similar features from a past situation where you felt vulnerable, in danger, awkward, uncomfortable, embarrassed or threatened, it will make you react in a way to protect you. The brain makes the body respond to a threat by making you anxious and triggering the flight or fight response. With either response your heart beat will rise and you body is preparing to take action.

Often the initial event on which the brain is basing its current reaction has been long forgotten about. All you know is that you have reacted this way to that same situation for as long as you can remember.


Brain Working Recursive Therapy

Brain Working Recursive Therapy uses the way the brain processes information to change unwanted habits, urges and behaviours into more resourceful and healthier ways of being. Many other therapies require that you remember the original event that led to the unwanted response. With BWRT all that is needed is to know the strongest memory of that unwanted reaction. The strongest memory might be the very first time but equally it might be a more recent repetition of the unwanted response.

Although you are encouraged to close your eyes you are fully conscious during BWRT and are aware of what is happening. Some people notice an immediate change in how they feel about the troubling issue. Others notice a difference later on when they have left the practice and are in a similar situation but their reaction is different and healthier.



 BWRT Practitioner

Steven Harold BA(Hons) is an experienced therapist and certified Brain Working Recursive Therapy practitioner. Please feel free to contact him at if you have any questions or for more information about having your BWRT session

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